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Dont be scammed by people trying to sell you books

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

If you where to search on Google for "how to grow taller" the majority of the result wont give you answer... but they will try to sell a book to you.
The websites that practically dominate this search are from unprofessional who really don't have a clue what they are talking about. They are only writing the articles to sell you stuff .. and quite commonly are just making information up. Just like they make up fake testimonials and reviews on the book they are selling. The book i cannot name for legal reasons doesn't offer anywhere near the level of advise you would expect for the price you have to pay. Some stuff in it is questionable.

Okay something to think about is the fact that these people who are making these websites saying that this magical book will make you grow taller get a commission of a popular website where you insert a link on the webpage and each time someone clicks on the link and buy the product you get a commission  ANYONE can start doing this, even you.
That being said how can you even trust these people? They are not medical experts... all they care about is selling you the grow taller book.

Well, i found a genuine article on the internet... took some searching but this artcle is from another blog which tells you others way to grow taller apart from buying a book or taking stupid pills.


Let me tell you a short story that you may find interesting, and something for you to think about.

It was a long long time ago, a man was walking, for a thousand's years he kept on walking.
Many people would say that walking non stop for a thousand years is a long time, but not for him. For time didn't exist to him. He did not have any concept on time, he had never heard of it before so to him time wasn't a fact of life and didn't effect him.
So where did this man walk to? Is he still walking? They are questions nobody who has seen him once knows but those seeing him right now know.
He is walking in a straight line, he will let you walk with him, but he will not stop for you if you happen to fall or pause to tie your shoe laces. Once this man is out of sight you will not be able to catch up with him no matter how fast you run.

Height increasing insoles vs height exercise

Friday, 15 March 2013

Personally i like to go for the fastest cheapest and most effective option... doesn't everybody? But some may argue that these options never last and that it best to go for a sustainable option. In this article i will be addressing both using shoe lifts to get taller and height exercises to improve posture and get taller.
Okay like i said some people may prefer a sustainable option rather than a cheap and easy option well that where shoe lifts yet again beats height exercises because shoe lifts are far more efficient and sustainable with constant results where you do not have to put in anymore effort while you are wearing them. Stretching exercises however require you to carry on doing them even once you reach the height you want to ensure your spine and posture isn't compressed again.. thus loosing your height.
Height exercises are a lifestyle choice.

Okay so im not saying you shouldn't do height exercises as they are very good... but takes lot of effort for little height gain... what you could do is do both height exercise and wear shoe lifts at the same time for a more effective way to grow taller... that's what i say anyway.

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