Height increasing insoles vs height exercise

Friday, 15 March 2013

Personally i like to go for the fastest cheapest and most effective option... doesn't everybody? But some may argue that these options never last and that it best to go for a sustainable option. In this article i will be addressing both using shoe lifts to get taller and height exercises to improve posture and get taller.
Okay like i said some people may prefer a sustainable option rather than a cheap and easy option well that where shoe lifts yet again beats height exercises because shoe lifts are far more efficient and sustainable with constant results where you do not have to put in anymore effort while you are wearing them. Stretching exercises however require you to carry on doing them even once you reach the height you want to ensure your spine and posture isn't compressed again.. thus loosing your height.
Height exercises are a lifestyle choice.

Okay so im not saying you shouldn't do height exercises as they are very good... but takes lot of effort for little height gain... what you could do is do both height exercise and wear shoe lifts at the same time for a more effective way to grow taller... that's what i say anyway.

One Response to “Height increasing insoles vs height exercise”

  1. Another kind of exercises is simply simply hanging as from Grow Taller 4 Idiots Program Review. Find a bar, and just hang on it. Initially this may be hard, yet over time as we build up the muscles plus stamina, we can hang longer. If you are hanging, gravity is pulling a legs downwards, plus over a long time period, the legs might eventually start to grow a little. Your spinal column may additionally be stretched, causing a noticeable height heighten.


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