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Heel lifts that can help you look taller

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Growing taller once your growth plates have fused is a near impossible task. You can try doing stretching exercises but the best that can do is stretch out and decompress the vertebrae in the spine and add a bit to your height if your lucky. Results through stretching exercises do take a long time to start seeing. But what you can do whilst you are waiting to see results through improving your posture and the stretches is wear heel lifts.
Heel lifts have been around for quite a while, the first use of them was to correct leg length discrepancy's however no they are more commonly used to increase height. Combing the use of wearing heel lifts and improving your posture can double your effort on getting taller.

What can you do about low blood pressure?

One hears and reads good advice as to what there is to do about high blood pressure. Although it is not nearly so common with too low blood pressure, there is after all quite a few people that must contend with this unpleasant ailment.

The usual consolation: "it is not something that you die of, on the contrary, you will be very old! ' this is not particularly encouraging to people who often almost always feel sick to death, and even regularly can have bouts of dizziness, if he has stood still for too long.

Therefore, I was happy, as I in the small English magazine ' Grace ' in the ask box found the following letters:

My wife has for low blood pressure, but otherwise nothing fails. What can you advise her to eat, which could conceivably help her?

Answer: All food which is rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium to build blood and get your wife going again. It is for example. about almonds, ming beans, beetroot, carrots, dates, figs, grapes, raw Kale, dried lentils, green olives, peas, turnips and watercress. A good multi vitamin combination is also not out of the way.

Raw is better than both boiled and fried foods. If you do boil you food, one should avoid aluminum pots. In addition, one should neither use salt or other spices, as little as coffee, tea, tobacco. On the other hand, it is important to have a daily game of vigorous exercise.

Then go to the nearest health food store and see what they have that can enhance health. It will, among other things, be good with vegetable oils with high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, safflorolie, etc.

Hydrochloric acid tablets can help indigestion and restore balance

Adelle Davis is one of America's best-known and most appreciated medicinal nutrition experts and has studied at Purdue University as well as a wide range of other American universities, eventually obtaining his Master of Science evidence from the medical school at the University of Southern California.

Throughout their career, she has worked in close cooperation with doctors at clinics and hospitals and won through their work with patients a special experience in the field of modern vitamin and mineral-diets for healthy diet. She has in her work personally drawn up specific diets. more than 20,000 people. Adelle Davis books have sold in their millions around the world.

Proper digestion and Protein. First, it is digested. Many complain that they can't really cope with meat (or Brewer's yeast), or they rarely even eat meat. They say either that they suffer from flatulence, or that the food will be lying like a big stone in the stomach. This is because most likely lack of salt and acid. I have dealt with this problem in depth in my book Secrets of Health and Beauty (6). Here you can read how to treat this, if you suffer from a lack of hydrochloric acid, best known as HCL, what kind of person should use, and how much you should take. Here, I will write a short summary.

Hydrochloric acid is a digestive acid. It digests protein and the minerals calcium and iron. Without a hydrochloric acid can easily cause problems. Many who see advertisements in TV, will show people having heartburn or too much stomach acid and take an indigestion tablet. However, symptoms can confusing of too little acid is completely the same as the symptoms of too much, it is the stupidest thing you could possibly do. Dr. Hugh Tuckey, who is an expert in hydrochloric acid, argues that the only way to find out if you have too little or too much, by trial and error, because only a few doctors have concept of the problem. He recommended, taking a hydrochloric acid tablet after a protein meal. If one feels that one has a large stone in the stomach or can feel the air formation, the problem is clear: lack of acid. But if you have a burning sensation in the stomach can be caused by too much acid., tisk, which is extremely rare, says Dr. Tuckey. If this happens, simply drink a glass of water, as the hydrochloric acid rinses away, and feel should cease immediately.

What is the reason that you are missing this natural safety protection? Stress, anger, bickering at the dinner table, as well as an ordinary busy everyday life. It can  hit people of all ages, which is caused by stress upsetting the stomach or missing B vitamins or protein. Even infants can suffer from lack of or too much  hydrochloric acid. But taking Hydrochloric acid tablets can help.

Hydrochloric acid deficiency can also be caused by undersupply of various vitamins and minerals. It is important to understand how great a help hydrochloric acid is when you have to digest any form of protein, be it animal, vegetable or a dairy product. I know a doctor with sense on nutrition, which routinely prescribes hydrochloric acid to his patients and also even takes it (so do I). He says: ' if I where put on a desert island and had to choose only one nutrient I'd choose hydrochloric acid! ' People who need hydrochloric acid-and start taking it-get it the same way.

Uses:  is derived from naturally occurring substances which prevents and relieves bloat-ness in the stomach and intestinal gas as well as counteracts fatigue. The tablets normalizes the gastric hydrochloric acid, balance, which may have been disturbed as a result of alcohol-intake, stress and lack of different vitamins and minera-clay or for fat and protein diet.  Contains no yeast, milk sugar; color or preservatives.

Recommended dose: 1-2 tablets 3 times daily, or after instruction. Taken in context with the main meals.

E numbers in food a growing problem

The increasing industrialization of food has led to manufacturers are increasingly using additives in an increasing number of foods, and that consumers are increasingly buying processed food.
This means that problems with additives is growing all the time. The children growing up now, has taken a large number of problematic additives completely from birth, Yes, in fact, already from the embryonic stage. This long exposure to chemicals can make them extra sensitive to any health problem caused by additives.

Try to read an item labels and what is actually in your food. If you ever ask yourself "what are the substances actually stand for? Why are they in the food?, and are they problematic?", so is E-number additives to preserve food from going off... they have no nutritional benefit only side effects.

Energy: some figures regarding. human energy needs

Energy: some figures regarding. human energy needs
It requires 1 kilo calorie to heat 1 litre of water. It corresponds to 4,1868 kilo joules. Regardless of whether the energy is produced in a nuclear power plant or come from a plate of chocolate, As joules is the physical unit of measurement for energy. And whether it is a human or a machine: when something is heated or moves, energy will be used. Or rather: transformed energy, for example. from electrical energy to heat energy.

10 grams of milk chocolate delivers ca. 230 kilojoules, and it is enough to heat a litre of water to 55 degrees Celsius. With a little more exactly-288- kilojoules you can warm a room for an hour with an 80 w incandescent bulb. Admittedly converts only a small portion of the electrical energy to light, because machines, which transforms one form of energy to another, constantly emitting heat loss and therefore do not work with a 100% efficiency. And the incandescent light bulb uses only 5% of the "consumed" 288 kilojoules to illuminate the room-the rest goes to heat the bulb up.

A young man of average size should use ca. 380 kilojoules per hour by exertion. But by hard physical exertion, body use significantly more energy than it can either take from its fat stores, or can retrieve from a meal: A serving of Spaghetti Bolognese provides well over 3,000 kilo joules, a large serving of sauerkraut with meat and pea and potato puree gives approximately 6,000 calories. And it is enough to cover more than half of the daily energy needs for people with sedentary work. Daily energy needs vary naturally with body size, age and sex, but is usually of about 11,000 kilo joules per day.

In Germany will be a large part of the huge energy needs converted by oil and coal. These raw materials are not renewable  and it causes problems with exhaust fumes pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when they are converted into electric energy so that it is why scientists are looking for alternatives. And here comes the nuclear power into the picture: By splitting of atomic nuclei released a tremendous amount of energy (one gram of uranium-235 provides approximately 67.000.000 kilo joules), but in addition the well-known problems with radioactive waste and the risk of catastrophic accidents. Therefore, science is trying to focus and in the industrialized world utilize renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar power. In principle, the potential is enormous: up to kilo joules on a 9-hour sunny day a surface of only 1 km2. If one imagines that this energy source were utilized in the Sahara with only 1/10 converted to electricity, so would an area of only 9 x 9 meter be enough to cover one citizen's needs.

A healthy lifestyle can give you 14 years extra

A healthy lifestyle can give you 14 years extra life.
People that abides by just four healthy living rules, may be able to live 14 years longer than those who violate the rules, according to a newly published report.

More than 20,000 participants aged 45-79 years were followed for an average of 11 years. Questionnaires gave points for

not to smoke
being physically active
to consume alcohol in moderation
to have good consumption of vitamin C, which corresponds to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Those who have not got any points at all in the questionnaire, had a four times as much likelihood to die compared to those who scored four points, and those who got two points, had twice the risk of dying. Participants with a score of 0 had the same risk of dying as the participants, who was 14 years older and had complied with all four rules.

These results suggest that a combination of behavioral factors in a statistically significant degree is able to influence longevity.

women who have a healthy lifestyle, has a statistically significant lower risk of having a heart attack

An experimental report that has been published in Archives of Internal Medicine, reveals that women who have a healthy lifestyle, has a statistically significant lower risk of having a heart attack when compared with the net with women who do not live healthy.

Researchers have analyzed questionnaires filled out by women in Stockholme, with questions about their intake of 96 different foods. A healthy diet (which is characterized by a high intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and fish) combined with moderate alcohol intake, maintaining a healthy weight, physical activity and non-smoking showed that the risk of heart attack compared with the women who are not stuck to these healthy habits is huge.

"These diets combined with a healthy lifestyle and body weight can probably prevent most cases of heart attacks", concludes the authors of the study report.

Taking a nap can reduce blood pressure

Cats sleep a lot, and it may seem that they are wasting a great deal of their time, but maybe they know something we dont. A Greek trials published in Archives of Internal Medicine has shown that people who take a NAP of at least 30 minutes, has 37% lower risk of dying from heart-disease.

A second attempt from the Journal of Applied Physiology gave one possible explanation: blood pressure drops, just before you fall asleep. Researchers have yet to determine whether the blood pressure then rises again when you wake up. A NAP is certainly not any insurance against heart problems, but the tests provides a good excuse to take a ... Zzz

If you want better health get a dog or a cat

A dog or a cat in the House is good for heart health, an Australian study shows. Both blood pressure and blood levels of cholesterol will be lower at the time with pets, doctors dont know exactl why that is the case though.

An Australian research team has conducted a Checkup on 5741 people between 20 and 60 years of age. Among the subjects were part owners of pets.

All the participants had taken blood pressure and samples that show the blood levels of cholesterol and other fatty substances having a detrimental effect on the cardiac/vascular system.

Pet-owners had, on average, lower blood pressure and lower blood fats than the other subjects. Both are in favor of heart health.

The result of the investigation was very convincing. Lots of statements show that heart health is affected favourably by exercise and by low-fat diet. But the effect of pets are actually even larger, according to the Australian study. If you had studied a new drug and found a similar effect, doctors would have regarded it as a breakthrough for the prevention of heart disease.

Scientists cannot explain with certainty why animals have favorable effects on blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Previous studies have shown that blood pressure drops, if one sits down to fondle a nice dog. It is therefore not unlikely that pets have a psychological calming effect, as reflected in the circuit.

Insect powder

Insect powder (made from volcanic soil) works primarily by its ability to absorb oil. It destroys the wax layer which protects the insects from drying out, and they die due to water loss. Insect powder and other kinds of fine-grained mineral soil was used for disinsectisation since ancient times. The ancient Romans mixed fine road dust in the grain, which was supposed to be stored. One should try to be careful not to inhale the powder or getting the powder in the eyes.

Effective remedy for mosquito bites

Effective remedy for mosquito bites
Clove oil is a safe means of fighting inflammation  from mosquito bites. It is also known that it is because it has the substance eugenol, a strong anti-inflammatory. Also against toothache is clove oil is a recognized treatment.

Now, German doctors at the dermatological Department at the University of Cologne found that clove oil is also effective for treating insect bites. A few drops on exposed bite will help ease the stinging.

A drop of oil on the fresh insect bites soothes instantly the pain and makes sure that there is no swelling at the aswell.

Drink some more and become better at thinking

If you drink enough, you will be less forgetful.

If you consume enough liquids, you are more aware, learn stuff faster and think better. That shows the results of a survey conducted by the Germans. In order to ensure a good brain function you have to drink at least two litres of fluid daily.

The human body is composed of about 75% water. The brain is one of the most watery bodies, and for this reason, the brain reacts also specially vigorously on fluid deficiency. Older people often feel less thirsty and "forget" to drink enough. When we drink too little, the blood becomes more viscous and carry's less oxygen. The brain need both oxygen and nutrient, and therefore have a fluid loss a negative impact on brain function. And it leads to worse concentration and slower thought processes.

how to keep your spine healthy

When the muscle that flexes the hip get very stiff, which is often seen in the elderly, lordosis become more prevalent. It provides less space for the spinal nerves. By loosening the mucles around the hips to increase the space and thus often ease the pressure on the nerves.
"The abdominal muscles is of particular importance in this context. With a well-trained person you can see a marking of abdominal muscles. With age the distance between hip and ribs will be smaller, because the vertebrae gradually become thinner. This makes the abdominal muscles are also more relaxing. Without the support of these muscles is restricted nervous opening. So it to strengthen the abdominal muscles will be more important with age. And to help to maintain balance. "

So you could say that the right training program can work the same way, as whith a earthquake-stricken building-it is not enough to prop up the building in just one place, no, it's the right combination of support, which causes the building to remain standing.

Whether it is a question of spinal stenosis, arthritis, herniated disc or muscular problems, there are specific exercises that can ensure a life virtually free from back pain. "Be careful," says Dr. Nagler, "and follow the instructions to the letter, even a chronic rygpatient be as good as new in a matter of 4-6 weeks. And by continuing the exercises one can gradually participate in more and more activities and have a completely normal life. It is a pretty small price to pay. "

1. whether you're at home or at work, make sure you sit on a fixed Chair with good back support. Sid never in a very deep or too soft Chair or sofa.

2. When you are sitting, so make sure that your knees are about 1 cm above hip height. You may want to. use a stool.

3. When you drive a car, you should pull the seat forward, so that your knees are above hip height-it reduces the load on the muscles in both the upper part of your back and down over the lower back.

4. make sure not to stand in the same position more than a few minutes at a time. Change the weight distribution from one foot to the other at regular intervals, or put one foot up on a small chair or similar in order to relieve your back muscles.

5. When you sleep, you should lie on the side and pull it one or both knees up to the Chin. You may want to. put a pillow between your knees and ankles, if you think it helps.

6. When you lie in bed, so do not stretch your arms up over your head or behind your neck. Let your arms lie and rest down the side.

7. try to avoid sleeping on your stomach, but if you can't avoid it, so put a pillow under your stomach.

8. When you get out of bed, then bend your knees, so that the soles of your feet are in contact with the bed. Roll over on the side and stand up, while at the same time that you put your legs over the edge.

9. Never try and strain your back

10. remember a warm-up before you begin gardening or on some kind of sport. Think of that professional athletes always warms up before they get started.

11. make sure that you are properly dressed for the work or the sport, you have to start with. avoid getting cold after efforts, where you are going to sweat. If your back begins to "make nodes", then stop immediately.

12. a long, hot bath or an ice pack directly on the pain spot may seem relaxing on sprains in the back.

13. stand up on a stool or a ladder instead of stretching yourself for stuff high up.

14. When you need to move heavy stuff, so slide instead of dragging.

15. Avoid twisting in the back, when you need to reach for  something.

16. If you have a training program, you review regularly, and your back begins to "make nodes", then only perform light exercises or stretching exercises until your back gets better, or you have the opportunity to ask your chiropractor for advice.

DNA test on the increase

Fast and cheap DNA tests ordered over the Internet is becoming a rich business. A little saliva from husband and child are enough to get certainty about a possible paternity. The test can be carried out without the authorities knowing, and can obviously create joy, but in many cases also crush the notion of children's ancestry and woman's fidelity.
(l) The United States people order every year over 250,000 DNA tests over the Internet, and sales are increasing. The method is quite simple. For a good $2,000  the man sent a package with cotton buds, and all he must do is to get a little saliva from the child and themselves on the stick and return it to the lab.

The DNA labs boast 99% accuracy.

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