If you want better health get a dog or a cat

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A dog or a cat in the House is good for heart health, an Australian study shows. Both blood pressure and blood levels of cholesterol will be lower at the time with pets, doctors dont know exactl why that is the case though.

An Australian research team has conducted a Checkup on 5741 people between 20 and 60 years of age. Among the subjects were part owners of pets.

All the participants had taken blood pressure and samples that show the blood levels of cholesterol and other fatty substances having a detrimental effect on the cardiac/vascular system.

Pet-owners had, on average, lower blood pressure and lower blood fats than the other subjects. Both are in favor of heart health.

The result of the investigation was very convincing. Lots of statements show that heart health is affected favourably by exercise and by low-fat diet. But the effect of pets are actually even larger, according to the Australian study. If you had studied a new drug and found a similar effect, doctors would have regarded it as a breakthrough for the prevention of heart disease.

Scientists cannot explain with certainty why animals have favorable effects on blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Previous studies have shown that blood pressure drops, if one sits down to fondle a nice dog. It is therefore not unlikely that pets have a psychological calming effect, as reflected in the circuit.

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